Tuesday, February 10, 2015

[FFXIV] Playing with Hyurs

I've been a fluffy happy lalafell since I started playing the game in Beta and I've never played any other race but last December, I used my Fantasia to turn into a hyur. My lalafell friend, Llyona joined me and we hyurred ourselves up. (not even a real word (´д`、))

This is me as a Hyur

This is me and Llyona ( ◜◡‾)(‾◡◝ )

Relaxing in bed back when my room was a mini forest (*^-^*)

For once, I looked good in a swimsuit!(*థ౪థ)

Sheep rug + Ice Chandelier = Good Bird's eve view shot

Obligatory piano shot with my lala friend, Fel

Since I've been a lala for the past year, I've encountered some things that I also didn't appreciate about being hyur. Since lalas are small, we tend to look like we move faster than other races and in some cases, I think we really do. We ran T8 and T9 with FC mates a few times and we ended up getting hit by skills since we're not used to the movements of Hyurs being a bit slower or delayed. ლ(`∀´ლ) 

It's sad, but my lala glamours don't look as cute on Hyurs. In all my outfits, I always aim for my lalafell character to look "Cute" but everything looks Sexy or seductive on Hyurs since their appearance is much more mature than the child-like lalas. So I had to re-do my glamours to make it look nicer on Hyurs.

During this time, I realized that I missed playing with my lala friends. Our FC has tons of lalas and we usually play in the front yard, taking screenshots and doing emotes. As Hyur, the emotes we do doesn't look as cute so I had to make do with /pet while targeting each lala friend.

I have to say that I had fun being a Hyur since I finally get to wear a bikini without looking a scarved potato but I'm still a lalafell at heart. After 6 days, I've decided to go back to being a lala. So Llyona and I took some pretty pictures by the beach before we used our Fantasia to change back c(・ω・`c⌒っ

(✿◕ ‿◕ฺ)ノ))。₀: *゚✲ฺβyё βyё✲゚ฺ*:₀ Hyurdom!

It's nice to be back! I love being a lala 

Juju and Llyona

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