Thursday, February 12, 2015

[FFXIV] Lala dancing with lala friends

I've once posted a video on Facebook with my lalafell character dancing. Since my profile is on private, some of my FC mates and other players on my server, who aren't on my friendlist, couldn't see the video. I uploaded it on Youtube and some friends shared it and I also posted in in FFXIV FB groups to share the lala love.

Since then, I started recording videos and uploading them on Youtube for sharing. That, coupled with my obsession with lalafells brought me to record lala dancing videos frequently.

I'm no professional when it comes to game recordings and video editing so the way I record our videos is we prepare the steps, play the music and press record. Everything is done real time.

We always face difficulties when syncing movements since Lag plays a very large role in the performance so we don't always expect perfect execution. We do this for fun and getting frustrated about lag and delays can potentially take that away.

I wanted to do a short dance video in my new lala cafe room so I invited my lala friends, Chabelita and Felorio to do a dance with me since we usually do it in our free time anyway. Chabelita is always in charge of Choreography so we let her handle the steps and we just follow.

We shot a practice video while looking for a song. We had to cycle through several before we found Ebisu Muscat's Banana Mango High School and stuck with it. 

The video got a favorable number of views from youtube which made us happy. More lalafells wanted to join in but we're not quite sure how to handle a lot of lalafells given the challenges we already face with syncing with just us 3. (See bloopers below)

Chabs worked on fixing the steps for us to follow and edited the length of the mp3 to fit the routine. Once ready, we waited for the lalas to go online and we practiced some more. 

We figured that we should use some sort of video editing for this since we're doing a whole song and it would be difficult to just up and play it while dancing. The list of steps for the song is long and we have to record it by parts XD 

It took us some time but we were able to record all the steps and our FCmate lala joined us too, Paramint.

After recording, I started working on patching the shots together. It was pretty confusing since I have no recent experience with video editing. Splicing and creating the sequence proved to be a challenge but after some time, and youtube tutorials, I was able to produce the video.

I rendered the video while eating snacks and voila! It's done! + more time to upload it on Youtube. You can find the full video Here.

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