Sunday, April 17, 2016

Youtube update and Lalafell dance party

Hello Wello Marshmallows!

It's been a while since my last uh.. update. I've recently been able to achieve one of my goals which is to upgrade my computer for editing so I can edit more videos. With this, I've announced on my Youtube channel that I will be posting more content.

I'm playing a couple of games right now that I truly enjoy. My only dilemma is that, I don't have a lot of time to play them since... Day job and it takes me 3 hours to go to work and back. That's like 15 hours + Sleep time.

Regardless, I still do my best to make time for the thing I love.

I've been thinking of creating a new Lalafell dance video for quite some time now but the task sounds so much harder than it sounds. Before, I had lalafriends like Chabelita and Felorio who were willing to invest time, love and dedication to making these videos. However, Chabelita has now changed to Miqo and Fel has dropped off the face of Eorzea :(. I miss them but there's very little I can do ...

So I tried to list down things I'd need for new lalafell dance partners.

1. Preferably on PC so we can discord and it's easier to give them the dance steps (copy pasteis disabled in consoles I think)
2. Must have all the emotes needed for the dance (This is pretty tricky since not all lalas have all the dances)
3. Willing to invest time to make the video. I don't want to end up with people complaining that it is taking too long or they leave halfway because *insert reason here*

I was initially eyeing a friend but our schedules never seem to match so I did the last thing I thought I'd do. Ask the lala linkshell for help and PF.

The lalas were nice but very few were available or meet the criteria above. Also, we keep getting derailed from the conversation by all the random cute things that we lalas talk about.

In the end, I was fortunate enough to have a lala and her friend help me out with the video. I'm glad that we got to finish filming really quickly and their enthusiasm for the project is quite admirable.

Elika and Nathell

I allotted around 2 hours for the whole recording but since Elika was an awesome dancer and always gets the timing quite right, it got cut down to less than an hour. (We had to wait for Daylight for the shots though so that took a bit of time.)

I feel sad that some of my adorable friends aren't able to join me anymore. But I 'm glad I was able to meet new friends in the process.

I hope that I get to meet more lalas who will join in :)