Sunday, September 18, 2016

[WoW] Back in Legion

It's been 5 years since I hung my Horde flag and left World of Warcraft and thanks to some good and really persuasive and supportive friends, I am now back in Azeroth and loving it.

The moment I saw the login screen, I remembered how awesome it was to play this game back in 2007- 2008. It felt so epic to see Dark portal in the login screen and I relished every moment of it.

Everything from the login screen sounds to the loading screen, sent me to an abyss of nostalgia. It's like a miasma of Blizzard awesomeness engulfing me and in it, I got lost.

I could almost imagine the smell of Orgrimmar especially now that there is a new Warchief :3

I logged on to some old toons but it felt so different. There were so many class changes since I was gone that I felt overwhelmed. So I decided to level a new character and start over.

With heirlooms, it's not too bad since I manage to level at least 20 levels a day. (And it could be faster if you're not as lazy :P)

I'm surprised to find the guild I am in, there are so many players online most of the time. Around 30-40 on peak hours. Whoever said that this game is dead will probably want to take it back... (that includes me)

I have yet to explore Legion areas but I'll probably post some info once I get there and share stuff to returning players :)

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