Sunday, March 12, 2017

Final Fantasy Christmas Gifts 2016

I usually give out gifts every year to my friends in Final Fantasy. This year, it is something small and fragile.

Ideally, I wanted to distribute them in a gathering to save myself the hassle of delivering them individually but couldn't organize one when everyone would be free so individual deliveries it is! XD

I'm so happy that my friends received them and even happier that some of them posted it on their walls :)

My first attempt at making the frosted glasses was a week before December. I was an amateur so it didn't come out good. What came out of it was terribad and I didn't want to give it to anyone for Christmas so I decided to have it done professionally.

I had a template for the Eorzea Meteor as a design but it doesn't look nice on the frosted glass. The glass maker asked me if I had anything else on me that he could use and I had this moogle art from deviantart saved in my flash drive. He did a trial on one of them and it came out nice so he made the rest of it using that design.

Took a week before I could pick them all up and a whole month and a half to deliver them ^_^

Picture from Sol's post :)