Sunday, September 18, 2016

[WoW] Back in Legion

It's been 5 years since I hung my Horde flag and left World of Warcraft and thanks to some good and really persuasive and supportive friends, I am now back in Azeroth and loving it.

The moment I saw the login screen, I remembered how awesome it was to play this game back in 2007- 2008. It felt so epic to see Dark portal in the login screen and I relished every moment of it.

Everything from the login screen sounds to the loading screen, sent me to an abyss of nostalgia. It's like a miasma of Blizzard awesomeness engulfing me and in it, I got lost.

I could almost imagine the smell of Orgrimmar especially now that there is a new Warchief :3

I logged on to some old toons but it felt so different. There were so many class changes since I was gone that I felt overwhelmed. So I decided to level a new character and start over.

With heirlooms, it's not too bad since I manage to level at least 20 levels a day. (And it could be faster if you're not as lazy :P)

I'm surprised to find the guild I am in, there are so many players online most of the time. Around 30-40 on peak hours. Whoever said that this game is dead will probably want to take it back... (that includes me)

I have yet to explore Legion areas but I'll probably post some info once I get there and share stuff to returning players :)

30 Days of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. Day 09: Most enjoyed Beast Tribe.

I never thought I'd continue this. I guess I was just waiting for the right answer to this question.

The first few beast tribes were okay but they have little quirks that didn't quite seem to appeal to me. Sylphs had tons of annoying quests that require you to carry things far in the map and stay out of combat, Amaal'ja's desert quests didn't appeal to me either. Especially the fate ones. Sahagin is okay for me, but the small space can get a bit irritating when you wanna move around. Gnats creep me out cause they remind me of insects and Vanu Vanu... well they have a nice dance but nothing else that appeals to me.

The answer to this challenge is definitely definitely the moogle beastribe quests.

Moogles are extremely adorable. I love everything about their beast tribe. Their quests are funny, their dailies are enjoyable and their rewards are ummmmppfff marshmallamazing!

I love the moogle slippers, the cloud mallow mount and best of all, the moogle dance! I can't stop... I just can't.