Sunday, January 25, 2015

[FFXIV] Hildibrand 2.5

I just finished the latest addition to the Hildibrand Quest line. I'm not particularly fond of his character but I enjoy the idea that Square does have a creative click for comic relief. 

One can get burned out from running content and grinding for end game gear/materials so it's nice to have something like this for a breather.  

If you haven't started the Hildibrand quest line yet, you're missing out on quite a lot. The quests are definitely worth a few laughs. They may not be world breaking in comedic terms but it's enough to make you feel at ease and relax.

Plus, if you finish each chapter of the quest line, you get to acquire new pets/novelty items and emotes that you can use for stupid fun with your in-game friends. 

For 2.5, you can start the new chapter of the quest line by talking to Ellie Near the Gladiator's guild entrance in Ul'dah.

Shades of Sil’dih – Ellie (9,11 Ul’dah Steps of Thal)
*Must have completed “The Coliseum Conundrum”

[FFXIV] Chrysalis

Just finished my MSQ for 2.5 and together with it, finished Chrysalis.

Went in blind with my friends so we wiped once. 

Here's our clear video:

Thanks to Marach, Kunanzi and Erinysia for accompanying me and holding my hand while I healed through the fight hahaha

[FFXIV] Eternal Bonding

Hello there!

It's been a while since my last update. Been busy with work and stuff.

I've been meaning to post about Eternal Bonds or the In-game wedding in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn but it's been quite difficult to schedule a wedding due to mine and my waifu's work schedule. We realized after the 2nd week of attempt that it will take us some time to schedule so we decided to just take it easy and schedule when we can.

While waiting to schedule my wedding, I did attend some weddings on our Server from our FC alliance and some from my own FC.

I've unofficially started to record some of them and upload them on youtube. I want to share the pictures and videos here so please feel free to check them out:

Rias Lastheart and her waifu

Azulita Wedding

Video below:

For the playlist, please click here

Agnitheim Wedding 

Video below:
For the playlist, please Click here

Ailaena Wedding

For the playlist, please click here

Hope you like the videos. If you're in them and I missed to list your name, please leave a comment and I'll update it. :)

Below are more photos from the weddings I attended: 

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

30 Days of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. Day 7: Best Primal Fight [NM/HM]

My favorite primal fight might come off as odd to some as I used to abhor this primal back when I was still running for my relics.

When extremes came out, I immediately thought of rerolling to another dps class to survive Titan... (This is why I have a Bard XD)

Back when we were sporting penta melded Ilevel 70s and Ilevel 90s; I would cringe at the mention of Titan.

The countless deaths I suffered from the fight because of latency issues, animation lock, and just plain unawareness caused me trauma that I would do my best to avoid the fight in any way I can.

The only time that I would submit myself to this torture is if a close friend asked or if I really really really need to do it as part of a quest. I even skipped the weekly token to get a new weapon to avoid it.

I went on hiatus from the game for some time and only came back last July – August.

It was unavoidable since I wouldn’t be able to progress in the Primal fights if I don’t clear it. Together with my friends, we queued in Extreme and as soon as the queue popped up, I held my breath.

“This is going to be a long night…” I told myself.

Indeed, it was. We kept wiping but I noticed that I was able to avoid the attacks more efficiently than I did before I went on hiatus. (Probably better now that I got a new computer and a faster connection.)

I was dodging landslides, weight of the land and healing tumults.

“So far, So good…” I thought.  We’re past most of the things that usually killed me before so I felt a little secure but after a cast of bomb boulders, I was casting heals when a subsequent landslide was cast my way and hit me.

I fell off the platform and died and my WhiteMage friend ended up one healing the fight.
“So sad…” I thought.

They cleared the fight without me and though I was thankful that it was a clear, I felt sad that I died in the fight again.

After this, I was able to progress to Ifrit extreme but I always felt like going back to Titan to get that perfect clear.

After going through the nightmare that is Leviathan Ex, and clearing Ramuh Ex, I decided to go back and clear Titan again.

So one afternoon, I solo queued Titan Ex. As usual, I held my breath and as the fight started, poured my focus in the fight. We wiped a few times but I got the hang of it and survived most of the fight.

It was the 4th attempt and we got to 10%, but I didn’t want to celebrate yet.  Everyone’s health is dwindling and I’m running out of mp so I was using my pet’s cooldowns for AoE Heals.

The Dragoon cast his Limit break early and left the boss with 2% health.
Just a nudge more and the screen went black.

CLEARED! And I’m alive! :D

Suddenly clearing Titan Ex was the best feeling ever. I’m happier than a bird with a French fry!

It’s amazing how I used to hate this fight before and would avoid it at all cost but now, I’d willingly join anyone who’d ask on FC chat.
This experience has taught me how something awfully dreadful could turn out to be so fun once you get the hang of it.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

30 Days of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. Day 6: That dungeon you dread

Much like I have favorites, there are also dungeons that I dread.

I had a hard time choosing between Sastasha Hard and Aurum vale since I dislike them equally. However, for this entry I will probably discuss Aurum Vale.

To gain access to this dungeon, you will need to talk to Nedrick Ironheart in Vesper Bay, Western Thanalan
And to unlock it, you would need to head to Coerthas Central Highlands (x14,y35)

This dungeon can get frustrating for healers both new and experienced, since majority of the mobs and bosses in this dungeon hit like a truck. (either through brunt damage or Damage over time)

Upon entering the Dungeon, you will have to cross a bog filled with patrolling mobs. This can be difficult if you pull too many so it’s always best to have your tank pull them in batches to a corner or back into he cave where you emerged from.


Once through, you will enter the boss room with a giant ochu in the middle. Around him are Morbol fruits that you have to devour throughout the fight. It would be best to assign a morbol fruit to each member to avoid players not being able to eat any.

During the fight, the boss will cast an unavoidable room wide AoE, called Gold Rush,  that will keep stacking. This Debuff will periodically deal damage and can be manageable up to 2 stacks. After 2 stacks, it is highly adviseable to consume a morbol fruit to remove the stack. If not, the healer may find it hard to top off the party.

Aside from Gold rush, the boss will also cast an AoE spell on a random player called Gold dust.

As for the tank, you will deal with the boss’ melee skill, hundred lashing that hits like a truck. Blowing your cooldowns for this could be a great help to your healer to lessen the stress on healing.

If you’re lucky enough to have a party who will easily grasp these mechanics, you should be able to clear this with very little difficulty, if not; this fight could cause frustration to all members.

Coin Counter

The next boss in this dungeon is a Giant/Cyclops that packs an arsenal of AoE attacks that could be deadly to anyone in melee range.

This fight isn’t friendly towards newbie tanks so if you’re a healer and you’re familiar with this fight, it would be best to brief your newbie tanks about this boss or you’ll spend your hour dreading  why you queued for this dungeon in the first place.

This boss has 3 melee attacks that you would need to lookout for. First of three is the 10-Tonze Swipe. This is a frontal aoe attack that will hit anyone in front of him. If you’re not a tank, you shouldn’t worry about this. The next 2 are 100-Tonze Swipeand 100-Tonze Swing. 100-Tonze Swipe is a frontal cone AoE attack that deals a truckload of damage to anyone it hits while 100-Tonze Swing is a an AoE attack where he swings his club at full 360 and will deal severely large damage to all players standing in melee range.

From experience, these 2 are usually what would kill your tank. Either they’re not aware of what these skills do or they confuse one for the other since they both start with “100.”

To help you differentiate the 2, 100 tonze swipe is cast only when the boss is holding his club with one hand, while 100 Tonze swing is cast with 2 hands holding his club.  If this happens, just tell your tank to step through the boss for 100 Tonze Swipe and for 100 Tonze swing, ask the tank and dps to run away from the boss to avoid getting hit.  Or if your tank and Dps is alert enough, they can also try to interrupt them.

Aside from these, the boss has 2 other skills called Glower and Eye of the beholder.
Glower will be fired at a random player in the form of a laser. The targeted player will take damage and will have a paralysis debuff .

Eye of the beholder is a larger cone AoE spell that will deal damage and electrocution debuff on anyone it hits. This will happen when the boss faces a random player and you will see the emote "The Coincounter takes a moment to reconsider..."

After this boss, you will encounter some morbol mobs surrounded by morbol fruits. It would be best to lure the morbols away from the fruits and kill the fruits with AoE since these may spawn smaller adds and it will be harder to manage.

Miser's Mistress

The Final boss in Aurum vale is a Morbol. Like any other morbol, it has bad breath so it’s best to stay behind or beside him if you’re a healer or dps. Tanks needs to side step or step through the boss to avoid the frontal AoE debuff attack.

If you get hit by bad breath, you’ll be inflicted with ParalysisSilencePoisonBlindSlowHeavy, HP Penalty, and Determination Down. This is going to be a pain to remove and it will take a bit of time to wear off so be nice to your healer and avoid this.

Miser’s Mistress has the same mechanic as locksmith. He will cast burr burrows similar to locksmith’s Gold rush and you must eat fruits to remove it after 2-3 stacks.

The boss will also cast Hooked burrs on a random player increasing his burr stacks by 1 so party members need to be alert and aware.

The only other thing that the tank should look out for is the AoE Vine probe attack that will deal a moderate amount of damage to all that it hits.

If your team manages to get these mechanics, you should be able to fish the dungeon without issues.
Newbies may take some practice but it should be easy once you get used to the fight.

I’m sure I’m not the only player who dislikes this dungeon out there. I hope that this helps you in getting through the dungeon.