Saturday, June 18, 2016

Hello Wello Marshmallows! Just updating my blog.

It's been a while since housing was released in the game and I've always expressed my dream to live in a large FC house with my friends in Limsa Lominsa's Mist housing wards.

With the insanely expensive housing costs, this wasn't possible for us until the recent patch. It was a race to patch and buy houses in Tonberry after 3.3 patch day and the fear of not being able to buy an adequately priced house was everyone's worry. We were lucky enough that Marach was able to secure a good house for the FC.

I was still at the office when Plebe told me about it and I was so excited to get home. I scurried home after work, as fast as my little lala legs could take me. And when I was finally standing in front of our new house, the feeling was a mix of happiness and excitement.

Our FC is small but I'm lucky that we're blessed with really good people and friends (who can craft really good stuff). So it didn't take long before we started filling in the empty spaces of the new house.

The FFXIV forums and FFXIV cribs episodes were huge inspirations for our interiors. We did a few clippings and floating effects here and there and it turned out quite nice.

All in all, it took us around 3 days to completely decorate the house from basement to the 2nd floor.

Though my personal favorite is the Oriental deck out in the yard. I'd summon my minion and sleep in the garden if i'll be AFK.

With Plebe and Marach's hard work, the last touch was to turn our house into a Moogle house.

It's absolutely stunning!

If you're in Tonberry, please feel free to drop by our house to hang out or have fun. We always love having guests over. :D

Mist Ward 11, Plot 2. Just port to (Mist West) and you'll end up in front of our house.


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