Friday, July 31, 2015

[MC] Trying out Minecraft

Since I don't get a lot of time to play games recently, I decided to try playing Minecraft again.

I've tried it before but I only played in creative so I never got to get the full experience.

My boyfriend spends a lot of time in this game and though it is generally okay with me, I never understood why he likes it so much. I found it fun in creative and hated survival when I tried it back in 2011. A couple of friends played it with me but after we completed the Pokemon stadium, it didn't feel as fun anymore and we decided to move on to other games.

Last June, after I decided to take a break from FFXIV, I tried the game with my boyfriend. We joined a server with a funny name and it mildly amused me. It's a public server that requires you to crack a squirrel joke to get white-listed.

If you're interested in joining the server, you can post on their reddit page. Make sure to prepare a squirrel joke or you can read the ones that they've posted for mild fun.

At first login, I found myself lost. There were a lot of things that I had no idea how to craft or how to get. In creative mode, you don't have to worry about harvesting items. They were all in the interface. You just have to build build build buildings.

My boyfriend guided me on how to craft items and gave me learning materials to learn more about the game.

My first project was making a house. So I made this dome thingy.

You see, in creative mode, you can fly or float to build tall stuff. The idea that you cannot fly in survival didn't kick in until the 7th time I died from fall damage. It frustrated me but after completing the dome, I felt accomplished.

Later on though, my boyfriend made me angel wings that I could use to fly all over the place

After that, I went on a mining spree to get more materials. It was oddly relaxing... well except for the fact that monsters will devour your face every once in a while or lava will claim you through holes on the ground. 

The only thing that frustrates me about the whole game at the moment is dying. The thing is, you lose all your stuff when you die. To be exact, it despawns after some time or it dissolves in lava. This is Diablo all over again.  

I might update my blog later on with more of my casual adventures in Minecraft.

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